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TalentReef is committed to helping companies navigate the Coronavirus pandemic in the smartest, safest way possible. Check out our free COVID-related, contactless content and hone your recruiting, hiring, and onboarding strategy to maintain compliance throughout the pandemic, and to prepare for a contactless world.

Tips from the Pro: Post-COVID Prep

Tim Leonard, Chief Strategy Officer of TalentReef, talks about quick wins and actionable strategies that can keep you CDC compliant now and prepare you to ramp up for contactless and digital demand. Key takeaways:

  • The three pillars of a successful re-emergence plan
  • How to adapt your strategy and keep employees compliant, and making candidates feel safe
  • How to hit the ground running as businesses reopen

The Guide to Re-Emerging and Winning in a Post-COVID World

Get the guide and learn how to digitally engage the decentralized, hourly workforce. Here's what you'll learn:

  • 1. What to expect and how to prepare your contactless strategy for a post-COVID world
  • 2. Save money and time while employing contactless sourcing, hiring, and onboarding tactics
  • 3. Software and systems that can help you force multiply your efforts
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Re-Emergence Datasheet

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Having a hard time defining best practices during a global pandemic? We've got you covered with 4 actionable steps you can take today.

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Post-COVID Prep and Strategy Blog

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Is your company ready to hire, onboard, and train en masse? Here are 5 top tips for a winning high-volume, high-quality hiring strategy.

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Contactless Strategy Checklist

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Get the checklist and learn how to adopt a contactless employee sourcing and hiring strategy for the post-COVID world. 

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Contactless Hiring Blog

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What does contactless hiring look like, and what will you need to do – or provide – in order to capture hourly candidates? Learn more.

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