Integrating Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Into Business Strategy

How c-stores are incorporating social change into their businesses and where others can start


TalentReef enables companies to substantially reduce bias in their recruiting and hiring processes while creating a diverse, inclusive workforce optimized for success.

TalentReef's game changing functionality provides a robust recruiting toolset that will help you more effectively attract and engage top talent. Recruitment Marketing encompasses a variety of features including Text-to-Apply, Chat Apply Branded Careers Page, Organic Job Feeds, Referrals, Sponsored Job Site Integration, and so much more.

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What Will TalentReef Do For You?

End-to-End Talent Management Solutions - Purposely Built For The Decentralized Hourly Workforce.

Recruitment Marketing

Conversational AI. Text-to-apply. QR Codes. Snapcodes. Fast visual-based applicant assessments. Self-service interview scheduling. Text Communications. This is the modern, mobile-optimized experience your applicants expect and the speed you need to hire the best talent.

Quickly and Easily Attract Quality Hourly Applicants

Integrate with most of the highest trafficked job boards – including Indeed, Google Jobs, and Jobs on Facebook – ensuring your jobs show up where the best applicants are searching.

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Job Applicant Dashboard

An ATS Built for High-volume, Hourly Hiring

Dramatically reduce time-to-hire by up to 84% and increase candidate acceptance rate with the fastest hiring process in the industry.

Track Applicants and Make Quick, Informed Decisions

Application and hiring workflows can be customized by brand, position, and location including adding seamless integrations with background checks, WOTC, assessments, and more.

All-in-one Digital Onboarding

TalentReef makes it easy for hiring managers and HR to digitally assign and receive onboarding documents while providing a simple, trackable experience for new hires.

Built-in Compliance at Every Step

Worry-free compliance isn’t an oxymoron at TalentReef. We make it easy for hiring managers to stay compliant throughout the hiring process.

Onboarding Tasks
Employee Engagement & Retention

Training & Development

On-the-go, mobile training that's easy for employees to access and managers to deploy courses and track progress.

Employee Engagement & Retention

Empower employees with goals and create development plans based on position, competency, and engagement scoring.

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