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Text Communications


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Chat Apply

A conversational AI chatbot that provides an interactive and easy way for candidates to fill out an application and engage with your brand.

  • Applications leveraging TalentReef’s Chat Apply feature takes approx. 3 minutes to complete
  • Customers who implemented features like Chat Apply that speed up the application process are seeing reduction in drop-off by as much as 12% and increase in time-to-apply by up to 84%

Automated Interview Scheduling

A frictionless way to instantly schedule interviews with qualified candidates without the intervention of a hiring manager.

  • Customers using Interview Scheduling are seeing average time-to-hire decreased by 26%
  • Using Interview Scheduling and Text Communications together reduced applicant drop-off by 33% across customers
Text Comms 2

Text Communications

A two-way SMS communication tool enabling hiring managers to connect with candidates and employees in real-time – directly from the TalentReef platform. 

  • Customers using Text Communications are seeing average time-to-hire decreased by 21%
  • Text Communications through TalentReef has proven to generate a 98% text deliverability rate and customers have seen a 72-83% response rate from applicants

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