Where are all the hourly workers?

For the service industry, keeping the hourly applicant funnel full has always been a battle. But as business rebounds from the pandemic, finding and hiring hourly talent, let alone quality talent, has become a massive challenge. Opinions vary, but many experts believe that the Extended Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits and lax UI job searching requirements combined with a surplus of available hourly jobs exacerbate the situation.

Join Tim Leonard, one of the pioneers of social recruiting as he discusses strategies and tactics to help quickly find, hire and retain the best hourly talent.

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TalentReef's game changing functionality provides a robust recruiting toolset that will help you more effectively attract and engage top talent. Recruitment Marketing encompasses a variety of features including Text-to-Apply, Branded Careers Page, Organic Job Feeds, Referrals, Sponsored Job Site Integration, and so much more.

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TalentReef End-to-End Talent Management Solutions
Purposely Built For The Decentralized Hourly Workforce.

Recruitment Marketing

Leverage a comprehenasive toolset to attract top talent & broadcast your employer brand.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Configurable screening to quickly identify the best applicants based on fit, qualification, and cultural alignment.

Onboarding & Compliance

Go completely paperless.
Deliver a compliant and engaging welcome for your new workers.

Training & Development

On-the-go, mobile training that's easy for employees to access and managers are able to deploy courses as needed and track progress.

Employee Engagement & Retention

Empower your employees with attainable goals and create development plans based on position, competency, and engagement scoring.

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